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Volcan University



A Real World Real Estate and Business Education

For those that want more, and will do whatever it takes to get it.

About Us.

We founded Forge Academy to help other investors start and build their portfolios. We're extremely passionate about working with others and building a community.


Volcan Capital

Founder & CEO

Volcan Capital was formed in 2022 to invest in large multifamily. We've raised over $1M in private capital and own over $4M in value-add apartments in PA and NC. 

Forge Academy

Founder & Head Coach

After success in acquisitions and building our portfolio, we decided to offer our expertise to newer investors to help them grow and build their portfolios.

Multifamily Mastery Meetup (MMM)

Founder & Host

We launched MMM May of 2021 to network with other operators, give back to the community, meet clients, and create a space for multifamily investors to collaborate. Today, we have four chapters and a podcast spanning from PA to SC and have anywhere from 40 - 100 attendees per month

Personal Portfolio


I started investing in 2017 with a seller finance duplex when I was 19. Soon after I purchased a seven-unit portfolio, SFR, and a mixed-use triplex. We are currently phasing out singles and small multifamily for larger multifamily.

House/ Small Multi Flipper

Acquisitions Specialist

After leaving property management, I started focusing on acquisitions of local single-family homes and small multifamily to flip or wholetail. We acquired and sold over $2M in property in two years.

Spade Property Management

Property Manager

After starting my personal portfolio, I decided to commit to learning in-depth construction, project management, investor management, and tenant management. This two-year learning period was instrumental in the growth of my career.

Master's Business Admin + B.S. Finance

Gwynedd Mercy University

I purchased my first rental property while in college. I earned my B.S. in finance and then my MBA while building my first company. 

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