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The Origin of MMM

I have been hosting the Multifamily Mastery Meetup (MMM) for just over a year, and it has been an incredible journey. So far I've interviewed numerous guests and learned about their experiences from thousands of units.

A question I am repeatedly asked at the meetups is: "What prompted you to start this?". It's an interesting question because looking back, my reasons have shifted slightly, however, the core vision has remained the same. I created the MMM because there was no place to learn about large multifamily, I wanted to create a meetup environment that was different than all the rest, and I wanted to teach others what I was learning throughout my journey.

The inception of MMM came while beginning my journey into large multifamily. I was fortunate enough to have colleagues and mentors that were in the space, however, all of these people were incredibly busy and it was difficult to ask them questions. Most, if not all, of these professionals I met at other meetups or events around.

The first meetup I attended was hosted by Justin Brown, the owner and broker of Light House Realty LV. Justin's meetup changed the course of my life and directed me on the investing journey I am on. I've been fortunate enough to have him as a friend ever since. It was also here that I met my now business partner, mentor, and friend Nick Spade who has effectively taught me every aspect of real estate and helped me build my foundation in my investing career. I greatly enjoyed these meetups and others around, however, as I leaned into larger multifamily I started to notice that there wasn't much local information around. I searched for local meetups and local events that I could attend that focused on large multifamily to no avail. It was then I decided that someone needed to create this space, so why not me?

The Multifamily Mastery Meetup was born. During its creation, I knew I wanted to create a meetup that was different than any other. Many other meetups I attended were either very relaxed or very formal, I wanted a mixture of both. I also struggled to find other meetups that brought together lots of highly experienced investors in one place. Lastly, I wanted the meetup to be fun. Justin's meetup is always educational and entertaining. I wanted to bring the same dynamic but focus on large multifamily which is notoriously a very serious and heavy topic. So, that's what was created. A meetup focused on large multifamily with highly experienced investors in a place that is educational while remaining relaxed, open, and fun.

Of course, I had some self-interest in mind when creating the meetup. I wanted to learn from those that are where I want to be. Consistently interviewing highly experienced investors and industry professionals gave me the opportunity to ask them any questions I had and create a connection with them. Through this meetup, I am also able to share my journey with others. I'm able to talk about the challenges I overcame thus far and the challenges I'm facing now.

The goal of MMM is to be able to give back to others what I was lucky enough to experience myself. A place to Meet, Create, Attain, and Contribute.


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