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MMM Recap - Todd Silance

If you missed the Multifamily Mastery Meetup this month (5/30), you missed out on nonstop insight, intellect, and smiles. This month we featured Todd Silance who spoke about his journey from corporate America, to franchising, to commercial real estate. .

In just under 5 years, Todd has built a personal portfolio of over $25MM and 160 units along with being a limited partner in 450+ units nationwide. Most recently Todd is Co-Founder and managing partner of the real estate investment company Summit Capital.

Todd’s vision began 15 years ago when he and his wife decided to start a family. Their top priority was freedom of time – not wanting to miss out on all the big (and little) milestones that come with raising a family. This was the biggest driver in opening their own business, an Anytime Fitness Franchise, in 2008, a second location in 2014, and eventually Todd’s real estate investment company in 2019.

Todd enjoys sharing his story of leaving corporate America and pursuing his dream of financial independence. He recalls a time when a 401(K) match, some PTO and company-paid healthcare was all he dreamed of. As he began reading and listening to business leaders speaking on “abundance mindset” and quality of life, his own mindset shifted. His hope is to encourage others to dream big, define their purpose, and seek a fulfilling life. Whether that is through real estate or pursuing a different career altogether, Todd hopes the ups and downs of his journey can inspire others to do the same.

Here are some major takeaways we learned:

  • Achievement starts with ACTION

  • Perseverance is a key to continued success.

  • The most important investment is in YOURSELF

  • Coaching and Masterminds will expedite your career

  • All businesses have parallels with each other

  • Freedom of Time is one of real estate's greatest benefits

What's coming up!?

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Real Estate Moguls

  • Industry Professionals and Panels

  • More to come...


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