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MMM Recap - George Koufalis

Updated: May 8, 2023

If you missed the Multifamily Mastery Meetup this month (4/18), you missed out on an amazing story and some great insights. This month we featured George Koufalis who dove into his saga from difficult origins into a successful entrepreneur.

George (GK) is a real estate investor who built a portfolio starting in 2012 after success in an electric marketing company. George scaled his portfolio and has recently dialed it back down to focus on other aspects. He is a bodybuilder as well as a published author. He is a serial entrepreneur in several different businesses such as clothing and credit repair but now focuses his time flipping houses and coaching a youth soccer team.

George gave a lot of valuable insight into what it means to be an entrepreneur and the pitfalls of it. He talked about focus and being overworked. We chatted about finding your peace once you hit success and what to do next. He also dove into giving back and being able to help others grow in all sorts of different aspects in life.

Here are some major takeaways we learned:

  • You have to take a break and focus on yourself. Dont burnout.

  • Life is not about money.

  • Shoot for the moon.

  • Find what makes you happy, and do more of that.

  • Know your numbers, but don't get analysis paralysis.

  • Your upbringing does not determine who you are.

What's coming up!?

  • Police officer to full-time real estate with Justino Arroyo

  • Building a multifamily empire with Todd Siliance

  • More to come...


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