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MMM Recap - Ade Popoola and James Reardon

If you missed the Multifamily Mastery Meetup this month (3/21), you missed out on lots of laughs and an incredible conversation. This month we featured Ade Popoola and James Reardon who dove into their saga from challenging origins into successful investors and entrepreneurs

Ade is a multifamily investor with over $10M assets under management, a real estate wholesaler and a financial rep for real estate investors. In the past three years, he has found and moved several million dollars' worth of off-market multi-family real estate. He is known for his ability to find discounted off-market deals that are very hard to come by.

While currently holding active licenses in Ohio and Pennsylvania as a registered nurse, Ade has decided to combine his passion for data, marketing, and multi-family investing. He does this by creating systems and processes that can consistently find off-market multifamily deals across the country.

James is a top-producing commercial real estate agent and a multifamily investor with over $15M AUM. He has over 8 years of experience in real estate. James is part of a successful commercial real estate firm focused on the Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton markets, with holdings made up of retail and strip malls, hotels, and gas stations.

Here are some major takeaways we learned:

  • Nothing will happen without ACTION.

  • Perseverance is the key to success.

  • Growth comes from connections.

  • Get coach. Get a Coach. Get a Coach

  • Systems are crucial to growth and sustainability.

  • Know your numbers!

What's coming up!?

  • Police officer to full-time real estate with Justino Arroyo

  • Building an empire with George Koufalis

  • More to come...


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