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MMM Recap - Scott Cheek

If you missed the Multifamily Mastery Meetup this month (12/5), you missed out on expert guidance and tips. This month we featured Scott Cheek who spoke about his experience as a multifamily investor, his origins in real estate, and his sales and marketing career that translated into a successful real estate career.

Scott is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Summit Capital, a real estate investment firm specializing in the acquisition and repositioning of multifamily apartments focused in the Lehigh Valley. Since starting his investing career in 2015, Scott has been involved in over $30MM of real estate acquisitions.

Prior to Summit, Scott founded True North Properties where he acquired and repositioned over $1MM in multifamily real estate throughout his hometown of Chester County, PA.

In addition to real estate, Scott's professional background includes over a decade of Medical Sales & Marketing leadership in the eye care industry. In 2018, Scott founded Vivid Medical, an independent sales agency specializing in capital equipment and technology. Vivid Medical strategically partners with industry leaders to service the Mid-Atlantic region and is responsible for over $2MM in annual sales.

Throughout the interview with Scott, we continually brought up focus. You get what you focus on. In real estate, where there are tons of shiny objects and hurdles to overcome, this advice should be near and dear.

Scott also talked about how he was able to build a successful partnership and the key things to consider when choosing a partner. He mentioned that your partner should have opposite strengths to you. You both should have the same vision. It's imperative to "date" first, and try the partnership before joining forces legally. And most importantly, you have to like them and be friends.

Finally, we dove into the topic of meetups and conferences. Specifically, we talked about Scott being an ambassador for the Best Ever Conference in April 2024, and the importance of going to meetups and events like ours. It's at these events that you meet the most impactful people and build the relationships needed to be successful.

Here are some major takeaways we learned:

  • Focus is everything

  • Partner with people you like

  • Meetups and events are paramount to relationships

  • Fitness keeps you sharp

  • The way you do anything is the way you do everything

  • Think bigger

  • "Diary of a CEO" Podcast

  • Providing opportunity to others is essential

  • Business Book of the Month:"The Psychology of Selling" by Brian Tracy

What's coming up!?

Jan 9th @ 6:30 - Jake Mintz


  • Real Estate Moguls

  • Industry Professionals and Panels

  • More to come...


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