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MMM Recap - Jim Bachert

Updated: May 12

If you missed the Multifamily Mastery Meetup this month (4/2), you missed a rare occasion. This month we featured Jim Bachert who spoke about his experience travel hacking over 20,000,000 miles.

Jim has been mastering travel and bank rewards for over 20 years, He has used millions of points for anything from one-day cross-country trips to luxurious first-class flights and five-star hotel suites with personal butler service. Jim is also a passionate real estate investor who wants to teach other investors how to save money and have fun by changing their banking habits.

Jim talked about how travel hacking can benefit everyone, but real estate investors especially. Rewards can be redeemed for flights, hotels, rental cars, gas points, and more

Jim's Info:

IG: @ MillionMileLandlord

IG: @ Jimmybworld

FB: @ Jim Bachert

Lessons Learned:

  1. Travel hacking and real estate have the same ideologies... its a game

  2. DO NOT spend money you do not have, just to get points

  3. Don't get analysis paralysis - spend your points!

  4. Flexibility is key to getting the best redemptions

  5. Business cards are an excellent workaround to continuing momentum

  6. Focus on the experience

  7. DO NOT carry a balance on a credit card

In my interview, I hammered home the importance of perseverance and desire. Building anything substantial will entail overcoming countless obstacles and challenges, and it will take grit and willpower to keep pushing. As long as you never give up, you will accomplish your goal.

  • Business Book of the Month: "Milage Maniac" by Steve Belkin

What's coming up!?

THURSDAY May 2nd @ 6:30 - John Becker


  • Real Estate Moguls

  • Industry Professionals and Panels

  • More to come...


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