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MMM Recap - Jake Mintz

If you missed the Multifamily Mastery Meetup last month (1/9), you missed great knowledge and lessons. Last month we featured Jake Mintz who spoke about his experience in the insurance industry as a Loss Adjuster.

Jake is a Veteran in the US Marine Corps. He has spent the last 10 years in the insurance industry working as a regional general adjuster for McLarens Global Claims Services. He specializes in commercial large loss, and residential homeowners claims. He actively coordinates emergency responses for mitigation, remediation, and restoration. He is an enthusiast about DIY renovations and enjoys golf and fine whiskey.

We focused primarily on the ins and outs of insurance and how to be best protected, should you have a claim. We covered steps to follow and best practices as well as what to watch out for when submitting a claim. There is quite a bit of nitty gritty, so we highly recommend you watch the interview.

  • Business Book of the Month: "How to Invest in Real Estate" by Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner

What's coming up!?

March 5th @ 6:30 - TBD...


  • Real Estate Moguls

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  • More to come...


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